Sunday, April 5, 2009

One heck of a weekend....

  This was the big weekend. The Big Brother weekend!
My weekend started with an unexpected event. Jessica's sister Celia was excited about a pillow fight in Manhattan. I had no idea that this even existed and thought it'd be pretty lame. I got really lucky because I have this big heavy wooden chair that I was bringing to the audition and was going to have to carry it all around the city, to work and then the audition and home. Now that we were going to the event, the chair and I got a lift. The pillow fight, luckily enough, also was moved to Wall Street and Broad St. which was about 3 blocks away from work.
We get to the area as the event is just happening and it's madness. The area was quartered off and eventually spilled down the street where we were. It was a crazy spectacle. Finally, I yelled out "someone give me a pillow so I can split some heads open" and some kid says "here ya go" and throws me his. I jump in the crowd, throw my arms up in the air and yell out "300" style. A crowd of about 10-20 people form around me and all of a sudden it's war. I'm getting hit over the head hard and hitting back just as hard. It was like a giant mosh pit.
We finally got out of there and departed to Starbucks and got a drink and I made it to work on time, now lugging around the chair on my own.
With about two hours left, I was starting to get jitters and panicking. I got my food and a drink earlier so I'd be prepared and wondered what the crowd would be like.
When I got to the location on 43rd st and 8th ave, there was a group of hood looking kids hanging out, about 20 of them in all and I figured this was the line, and as they looked at me to say "who's this crazy white boy with the wooden chair" the cops came along and cleared the street. Turns out they weren't and I was the first and only person in line.
I attempted to read the rest of my book for school but I could not concentrate for the life of me. Also, with all the people coming in and out, I lost rational thought and was assuming that everyone passing was Big Brother personnel. The truth was that there were several events held in the building.
As I'm freezing my ass off, a guy starts talking about something and without hearing him, I just go "I don't know, I'm waiting for an audition" and he says "me too". Turns out, we were the only two crazy enough to get there so early. He introduces himself as Carroll. He's in his 50's but is dressed youthfully. He seems like a decent dude and we get to talking.
Carroll had arrived on a bus from Baltimore and was visiting NYC for the first time. He had came in at about 9 o'clock assuming a crowd would already have formed. He informed me that when he got there, the security guard let him in the building. He had gotten restless and left and my first thought was "wtf?? that's dumb". Thank god he left because when he came back, we both were able to sneak into the side entrance thanks to the maintenance workers. We went up to the 3rd floor where the audition was held. There was a bathroom and a water fountain. All my fears were now quelled and the worst of it was the wait. This guy Carroll was really like a freaking angel. He got me into the building instead of freezing my ass off in 30 degree weather for 12 hours and we talked for several hours on end about different topics. He's a little kooky, but cool as hell and I enjoyed his company. We took naps here and there but for the most part we were so wired that we couldn't rest.
We kept looking out the window and the line didn't form until about 7AM!!! I was a little disappointed that I could have went home the whole time and slept some but happy in the fact I had met a new found friend and I was there. This was it!
At that point, the morning security guard was doing his rounds and had to kick us out. We went downstairs and explained to the people waiting that we had been there for such a long time and were not skipping them. It was mostly all girls waiting and they were nice enough to understand the situation and time further passed quickly. Everyone was really cool.
Then 12 PM, the listed time of the audition hit. The producers began the set up and were getting the line together. Cameras came out to film the crowd and a past contestant, Alex, came out to greet people and give advice and info. He was a nice enough guy.
They lined us all up and brought us up in groups. I told Carroll to go ahead first and took my turn second.
I went in the room and I just did my thing. I told them my story and why I'd be good for the show and it lasted all of about 5 minutes. I feel like they talked to me longer than Carroll, so I think that's a good sign.
For now, the wait begins and hopefully all works out in my favor. If it doesn't, life moves on, but this is my dream. I've ALWAYS wanted to do Big Brother and The Champ is up to the challenge.


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