Monday, March 30, 2009

Apparently, I don't have the "balls" to do this....

I was sent this fine comment today...

"why do you 2 keep boring everyone with your videos,is that the only way you can get noticed?Nobody cares,it's just a waste of everyone's time on eatfeats.You won't post this because you can't take any criticism-you don't have the balls.Have many hits have you gotten on your lame blog?Doesn't that tell you something? " by anonymous

First of all my blog has over 500 hits. I'm sure that is a pretty lame number in terms of the average blog, but I'm okay with it.
Now on the topic of being boring and wasting everyone's time. The only time I've wasted is my own. I post my blogs, CE related, life related, whatever I'm in the mood for because I like to. OJ (the owner of the eatfeats website, for non CE visitors) is posting my blogs on his own accord. I've emailed OJ probably 5 times and none were related to my blog except to ask him to change my link from my myspace to the blog. If he decides to pick up something I've posted, place the onus on him, not me. Furthermore, place the onus on yourself for visiting my blog and taking time out of your lack of a day to make a comment on it. I'd also like to note that I'm so boring, the National Geographic Channel featured me in a segment about Competitive Eating.
I for one am thankful for OJ making eatfeats. I wouldn't be anywhere near as active if not for his mostly unbiased listings, regardless of whether I'm interested in that days posts or not. And if I'm not interested in the person that was posted about or the link, I ignore it.
The real question I have is, when was I ever above criticism and how would you know?
You were right, I didn't have the "balls" to post your comment, instead I did have the balls to make an entire post of it because I can take criticism, however I only listen to the type that is constructive and not left by anonymous douche bags that don't have the "balls" to post their name and email address so everyone can see who's saying what.
If you think you're better and deserve more notoriety than me, challenge me....

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  1. First of all I believe that anyone who takes the time to knock people is a loser! So I applaud you throwing that comment up here because it shows that you really do have BALLS!
    2nd you are truly amazing and truly are the champ. You seem to take the cake at every competition u attempt(sorry for the cheesy choice of words--oops did it again) So just keep ur head up and ur dreams alive.... u truly are the CHAMP! Keep the blogs and videos coming!