Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011 : The Comeback

When we last left our hero, he was down and out in Brooklyn, NY. Jobless and depressed and not doing too well.
In august of last year, I walked into work one day and got the news. I was being laid off after working just 10 months with the company. I was crushed. This was my first full-time job. I really liked working there. I felt great and had a sense that I was finally moving my life in the right direction.
When I was pulled into the big meeting room, I knew what was going to happen. I could just sense it. Then I saw the woman that works in HR and it was confirmed. I cried right there in the room. I'm not afraid to admit it. I was a baby about it. I was just in shock I suppose.
What followed was probably the 8 most depressing months of my life. I was sending out resumes left and right and was getting minimal responses from places paying $8 an hour and had entrances like this:

With the recession we're currently in, there was nothing out there for me. My resume looked like crap. I only had experience at each position I held for about a year, but they were all for legit reasons. I felt overwhelmed on a daily basis and felt like I was spiraling out of control.
The only thing keeping me from truly going into the deep end was my girlfriend Bianca. We were sort of keeping each other afloat actually. She was going through some hard times, both personally and professionally. When I was down, she picked me up and when she was down, I picked her up. And at the same time, our love was mad and crazy and volatile. A ship with no steer. And every time I second guessed our relationship and was drowning in our relationship, I looked into her eyes and was brought right back to the surface. I would think about what leaving her would do to me and do to her and how much I loved her and then none of the problems mattered.
Then a hand reached out. I was on craigslist, looking for work, and I saw an ad for the managers position at the place I was laid off from. I asked a former co-worker about it, curious as to what was going on and he was very vague about it. Turns out he was leaving as well.
I received a message from the guy who is now one of the top bosses and asked me if I wanted my job back. I could have clicked my heels. I was psyched to come back. I was finally out of the slump and felt halfway alive again.
Unfortunately my tumultuous relationship with Bianca came to a head and we broke. She was right, we met each other at the right time when we both needed someone really important to hang on to. And for that, she will forever be my friend.
But I'm starting to think she was right about something else. Nothing truly does last forever. I'm a cynical guy to begin with, but I'm just afraid I'm not going to find my person. Because what I want is so indescribable. And yet, I think what I want is so simplistic that it's a completely unattainable standard for a girl to live up to. My summer is wide open to find out. Will I find a summer love?

That brings us to 2011 : The Comeback! I'm really happy to be back at work, I'm happy that On the television end, the first half of the year has been fruitful. The one shining light at the end of last year was that I filmed 2 great episodes of MTV's Silent Library:

I also filmed for a new show coming this summer to the Discovery channel. That was a great shoot, but I'm holding on to the details until the episode airs.
I'm in consideration for another show and who knows what else can happen?

I ordered myself a custom made wrestling style belt to complete my Champ gimmick. A belt I can finally wear around my waist, lol. I also did start the CE year off right with a great win at a place called Kyochon where they make some great Korean fried chicken wings. I also placed 3rd in the Go Go Curry Eating Contest. I think I will be bowing out of that one in the future. Rice is a rough one.

So that's about it. Hopefully I will continue working for awhile to come and find a kick ass girl to share my time with and in the meantime, just enjoy being alive.