Thursday, January 7, 2010

I need help with some creative stunts.

So recently I responded to a casting call, not knowing what it was, that asked what you could do in 90 seconds. I sent the a video of me doing the Ottomanelli's burger challenge, which was a 2 pound burger. I timed it out for how long it took me to do the burger by itself and it came out to about 90 seconds. Turns out they were interested. I wasn't sure of anything related to the filming or the schedule, so I was unsure on how to answer, the only thing I knew was that this was a big show with a lot of potential. They told me that auditions had been completed but that they wanted to use my tape as an audition because they liked it so much. The tape was passed on and the executives liked it enough to use it as the official audition.

So my problem. If I wind up being selected, this is a show that will involve being in different stages. The first stage, will involve me replicating my initial stunt in the video, devouring the burger in under 90 seconds. That will be the easy part. If I'm selected, I would have to come up with something else. Watching a guy eating things really fast is just going to get boring.

My first idea involves pizza. I know from the Rocco's challenge, I can do a 16 inch pie in about 2 mins or so. I was thinking that I could do a challenge where I would eat a pie quicker than one can be made. So I asked Joe, the head honcho at Rocco's how long it takes to spin a pizza and to sauce and cheese it, ready for the oven. He says he can do it in under a minute. So that means I would have to attempt to eat 1 pie quicker than he can make 2. I don't know if that's as impressive looking.

So now I search for ideas. What competitive eating type stunt could I do, that isn't the same old boring thing? Something that would get a crowd interested and rooting for me to beat the clock?


  1. Can't help. I am about the least creative person there is.

    Notorious B.O.B.

  2. I really like this pizza idea. I would like to watch that. I also like watching anything that involves ice cream and combats brain freeze. Not sure if that helps, but that's my 2 cents :)

  3. I like the pizza idea.
    How risque can you go? Find a hot chick who doesn't mind tight places and "eat her out" of whatever food she is encased in. That'd likely be a crowd pleaser.

    Eating gross stuff seems to screen well too though i'm not a big fan of it.

  4. Maybe some sort of conveyer belt thing would be fun. Like did you ever see that episode of I Love Lucy where they're in the chocolate factory and they can't keep up with the machine? Like that, but you're eating the food instead of trying to hide it somewhere on your body.

  5. Now there is an idea. I could even make it a little sketch. Hmm...

    Thanks Kevin!

  6. 1. Eating a 1st course, 2nd course and dessert acting and dressing as a busy bussines man while in a break of his hard work. Try to add some funny gag (just the word gag itself can make it with the help of the host :P).

    2. Speed eating with a handicap. The first anyone thinks about is hand-tied but it can get more challenging for you and entertaining to audience. Food can hang on something like in that funny apple contest for childs, or can be thrown toward you by another person (Think strawberries, olives...). You can be eating anything else but ready for a call, at anytime, by that person to get a "bonus". Maybe eating a banana split that way, speed eating ice cream and being thrown slices of banana could be interesting.

    3. It has already been said, eating something gross is of interest. A travel accross the world, eating a gross typical meal per any number of countries you set is my bet. Octopus, any kind of insects and a lot of other meals make for it.

    4. Eating against an unnexpected opponent. Let's say an animal, a team.. Change your alias to superpredator for 90 seconds of fun. Cannot think of a way to make it more interesting for the audience.

    5. The "faster than it can be made" is a good idea if you manage to get it into just 90s.

    I hope it helps.

  7. Def. some elements there I could use Gastro. Turning it into a skit at some point is def. an idea I've had. I liked Kevin's idea of the conveyor belt and making it in the actual style of the Lucy episode.
    I think doing me vs. an animal is very interesting, like the kobe vs. the bear thing. But that might be tough, lol.

  8. Eat your co-workers lunch(Crickets, etc.) Seriously though, I really like Kevins idea, but the pizza faster than it can be made is good too. Good luck Will. Arti Lang ate against a Corgi on Stern.


  9. Good, i don't watch Lucy and btw i didn't know what conveyor belt meant, so i didn't get it. It's a really a good and very visual idea. Just one more idea i came up with:

    6. Pick up some guinness world records for speed eating(3) and break them. If you can't find three records to beat just set new records, even if they are not oficially recognized afterwards. There's nothing that engages audience better than "the next guy is gonna try to break (or set) 3 world records in just about 90 seconds." Raw onion, half a pizza (or whatever you choose to do) and a third record one after another.

  10. Another one:

    7. Eat something in a different way normal people do. Like Pete did eating cinnamon, you could try with soluble cocoa or cocoa powder (I dunno how it's said neither a comercial name for it but hope you get it). Maybe you could drink a glass of milk afterwards. Olive oil from the bottle. Something raw...

  11. Some more good ideas Gastro. Thanks. I may have to bring you in as my idea man ,lol...