Sunday, March 8, 2009

No go for Sushi Challenge...

Welcome to my new blog. I've decided that I wanted to keep my blog (that was started at but not have it tied to myspace since it's going down the tubes. So we begin a fresh start here on blogspot.

Well today should have been my attempt at a sushi challenge. The challenge was that you must eat at least one more piece of sushi than the last person that attempted it. I went with Jill, who was going to attempt the women's record (38 pieces) and I would have attempted the men's (61 pieces). I had been putting Jill off and rescheduling, so finally I decided we'd get down to business. For shits and gigs, my friends Jamal and Ron came along to hang.
We get to the place, Yummy Village, and get settled in, ready to take the challenge. We wrote down the sushi we wanted and handed over the order. Unfortunately, we find out that the sushi for the challenge was limited. We had picked out several sushi rolls that added up to the pieces that we had to eat, but were told by the waiter that it was only a small list of sushi and that list contained pieces like this...

I've never had this type of sushi and I wasn't going to try over 60 pieces of it for the first time. Jill had never tried this type either but was a lot braver than me and wanted to attempt it. I told her to go for it and that there was another challenge uptown that we could go to afterward and that my friends would be able to participate as well.
Well after approximately 15 or so of the 20 minutes, Jill did conquer the challenge and got her picture up on the wall. We all cheered her on while she struggled to get the last few bites down. I suppose I'll sample this type of sushi casually and go back if I decide that I like it.

After the sushi challenge we went uptown to Harlem to a place called Ottomanelli Brothers. The link was recently posted on (a competitive eating site that lists all challenges and contests). The article posted said that you would get your meal free if you could finish their, approximately, one and a half pound burger and 20oz soda in under 20 minutes. Knowing that this is a piece of cake, I was going to challenge my attempt to be within the 3 minute or less range. We hiked all the way up to the 111th st and 5th ave location only to find out that the challenge was only available Monday-Thursday during lunch hours. Unfortunately for me and my friends, it was a late Sunday night.

It was cool just to hang with good people and catch up with some friends however, so the night wasn't completely wasted.

I'll post video of Jill's challenge soon...


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  1. that is a lot of sushi. I would never be able to do it, mainly because i only like california rolls.