Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 is shaping up nicely...

As the year makes it's way toward the mid-point and the beginning of Competitive Eating season beings, things are looking up.

First and foremost, graduation is coming closer and closer and I can actually feel it. I am the first in my family to graduate with any kind of degree. Hopefully this will make slackerdom less slackery. I'll be looking for a full time job this summer but with the way that things are, I'm not so sure that will be an easy task. At this point, I'm going to get through graduation for now and see which schools I get accepted to for the last 2 years of school and if nothing happens this summer, I'll have to slug it out for 2 more years and hope a Bachelors degree will get me somewhere.
I have to take the Cuny Proficiency Exam this Monday and hope that my average doesn't drop because of the English class I'm taking now that is horrendous and I can get at least a B-. I'd like to graduate with a 3.5. I'm at 3.4 now and am thinking I'll land 2 or 3 A's in my other classes.

As far as CE is concerned, the season gets underway for me in April. I kicked off the year with the Scotch Egg contest in PA. One of the competitors in the event googled me and sent me an email after finding my blog and apologized for the situation feeling weird and that it wasn't his intention. I wished him well and if he decides to do more events, we'll have a rematch.
So anyway, April will be a great start of the month. My goal for the year is to make at least $5,000 and make the top 10 list on Last year I made $1800.
On March 25th I will be in Connecticut for Munch Madness at a bar called The WoodnTap. This is a qualifying event for the final. It will be streamed online and I'll link to it when it goes down. That sets me up to go to the final, should me and my partner Joel "The Cannon" win. The prize is tickets to some sports events. I'll then head out to San Diego, CA for the ALT Games (formally known as the National Collegiates. It's a series of "extreme sports" events that students participate in and CE, I think, is the opening event. Anyone in cali that wants to hang the weekend of the 17th and 18th, hit me up. Should I win that, I'll already be at $1,250 on the year plus whatever the tickets sell for and hopefully crack the top five in All Pro Eating before the end of the summer.
With the National Geographic special coming up, hopefully some more TV stuff will happen too. More on that when I hear about an air date.

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